Cover Art for issue #1822 of The Phantom, Frew Publications.
The Power of Cyclops
Judge Dredd
Australian Open 2017 - William Hill Players Portraits
Urban Zoo - Short Back & Sides
Captain Carlton Wants You to Be a Member
Tom Brady - 5 x Super Bowl Rings - William Hill
AFL TeamCoach 2018 Football Game Cards
BLK Sports "You Be The Hero" AFL Mascots
Mamee Noodles meme gifs for Monster & Bear
Carlton Football Club Mascot Flags
Simonds Homes Mascot Design & Colouring Book
Netflix Style Daredevil Yellow Suit (Personal Sketch)
Harry Potter: Madeye Moody Redesign Concept
The Red Ranger's Last Stand
Castle Grayskull Environment Concept From My Sketchbook
1940's Fleischer Studios Superman
Urban Zoo - Tunes
The New England Patriot
Cyborg Superman - DC Comics - Reign of The Supermen
Urban Zoo - Inked
Game Day Giveaway Poster for the Carlton Football Club.
Ned Kelly's Last Stand
Urban Zoo - "Does Shit Stick to your fur?"
The Phantom
The Mighty Celtic
Urban Zoo - Life's Real MVP - The G.O.A.T Barrista
Game Day Banner for Melbourne Football Club
Short film - The Last time in Almo. (University Animation Project)
The Batman
The Hawks
Cavs Mascot Design
Spawn from Sketchbook
The Fierce Pelican
The Mighty Warrior!
The Magic!
The Thunder!
The Raptors Mascot
National Rugby League - State of Origin Winner artwork
Me Am BiZaRro!
Steel - DC Comics - Reign of The Supermen
William Hill Melbourne Cup Winners Artwork
Winx Winning Streak Artwork
Usian Bolt Caricature For William Hill Social
The Madness of The Joker
Even The Law Needs Coffee - Judge Dredd
Advertising Posters for Standup Comedian Ben Knight