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‘Australia Burns - A Helping Hand’ Artwork

Australia Burns’ Graphic Novel Anthology 
The Australian Bush Fires have devastated our country. There have been harrowing tales for loss and devastation, but there has been many more feats of incredible bravery, sacrifice, compassion and charity. 
Everyone is doing their bit and it’s making my heart sing. The Australian comic and illustration community has come together to produce ‘Australia Burns’ fundraising graphic novel anthology. One of my artworks was being used for the back cover of the book already, but I wanted to do a traditionally drawn interior piece to put up as an auction piece to raise even more funds the Australian Burn effort. 
These fires have scarred our country. We’ve lost over a billion animals, lost many people, a lot of our forests, homes and towns. It’s taken me weeks to figure out what I wanted to draw... I knew I wanted to do a more somber artwork. I wanted to reflect on the quieter moments. I wanted to thank the people that have worked tirelessly to defend our beautiful country. The men and women that still raise their hands to help, even when they’re exhausted. This is for them, this is my thank you. 
If you’d like to support this artwork and the Australian Burns initiative, please visit the official website: www.australiaburns.onlinel