Harry Potter: Madeye Moody Redesign Concept
Grange wallis madeye close up bw web
Grange wallis madeye close up web
Grange wallis madeye web
Harry Potter: Madeye Moody Redesign Concept

Like everyone else, I loved the Harry Potter books and films. But one of my favourite characters from the book was the one that had the worst translation to the screen in my opinion. I always saw Madeye as a grizzly character of the Clint Eastwood ilk.

So this is my (personal) take on the character that was described in the books as "having a growling voice and looking as though his face was roughly carved from wood. Due to injuries from his long career as an Auror, it was covered with scars, and a chunk of his nose was missing. He had dark grey, grizzled hair. He also had a wooden leg that was described as having a clawed foot.

His eyes, however, were described as his most shocking feature: one was small and dark while the other was a vivid, electric blue magical eye that moved around independently from his normal eye, giving him the nickname of "Mad-Eye Moody", or simply "Mad-Eye". This eye could see through objects, Invisibility cloaks and the back of his own head."

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